Who is Adrian Newey

Who is Adrian Newey? And why is there so much talk about him lately?

The main reason for Newey being in the media recently is because of two things; His high-skilled car designing and that he might be switching teams for the first time in a long while. Let's start with his skills.

Adrian Newey moved from designing IndyCars to Formula 1 cars in 1988 when he joined March (no longer in existence). Since then, he has designed cars, as aerodynamicist, designer, and technical director, and is now the Chief Technology Officer at Red Bull Racing. His influence on Formula 1, the teams he has worked at and the field of aerodynamics cannot be overstated. He is a true prodigy, and supposedly, a good guy to boot. During his tenure, he has won 12 Constructor Championships and seen drivers of his cars claim 13 Driver Championships. The 2023 RB19 of Red Bull Racing is the most dominant car in the history of F1; Winning 21 out of 22 races, meaning a 95.5% winning rate. Absolutely blowing away the competition that year. And yet despite the dominance, he bravely chose to revamp the car completely for the next year as he felt it didn't have enough improvements left.

Moving us to the second point; Why might he be leaving Red Bull? The team that he has helped supercharge in the current regulation era and is continuing to dominate. Newey himself has not yet spoken publicly about the rumours, so for now, the talk is just that - rumours. However, the rumours have been persistent and in F1 there's seldom smoke without a fire. Newey is said to be displeased with the power struggling going on at Red Bull at the moment. A battle that has emerged out of the supposed wrongdoings of its longtime Team Principal, Christian Horner. Horner is being accused by a colleague for harassment and the "internal investigation" that freed him of any wrongdoings is widely seen as a charade. The woman who Horner allegedly harassed has filed an appeal of the decision. Adrian Newey, along with many others, seem to feel reluctant to continue at the team due to Christian Horner's actions and the sharp claws with which he is rumoured to be using to stay on as Team Principal. Newey is too skilled and too accomplished to need to stay anywhere he doesn't want to. Any team would go through fire to sign him.

So where is he going?

This leaves us with the question; If he's to leave Red Bull, where is he going? Born in 1958, he getting older and whatever step he takes, might be one of his final. At least if he stays in F1. Rumours in the paddock places him at Ferrari, Aston Martin or maybe even at Mercedes. Ferrari is spoken of as the most likely, as Adrian Newey has said he would like to work for the legendary red team at some point, while also having stated earlier that he would like to work with Lewis Hamilton - who is set to drive for Ferrari in 2025. Ferrari has been ruled out by Newey earlier because of their homebase being in Italy rather than the UK, where he has preferred to live. It's still unclear whether his circumstances has changed enough to warrant a move down south. Others place him at Aston Martin, where the billionaire owner Lawrence Stroll is said to be ready to write essentially a blank cheque for his services. Ferrari is also known for their deep pockets when it comes to attracting talent. Whatever team he moves to, he'll likely attract another huge bump to his wallet. Beyond money, Newey is also highly interested in designing street legal sports cars, and has co-designed the Aston Martin Valkyrie. However, not only Aston Martin can offer designing options for sports cars, also Ferrari and Mercedes has a long history of building super fast cars, although Ferrari arguably takes the lead amongst the three.

Where Adrian Newey ends up is still wrapped in mystery. But if the talk is true, it might be sooner rather than later.